• a row of chocolate milk bottles with the year on them

    Still Stone-Cold Sober

    For the 19th straight year, the Princeton Review has named BYU the most "Stone-Cold Sober" school in the country. 

    Celebrate with a limited-edition label on chocolate milk bottles sold on campus.

Five office workers gather around a laptop used for a video call with one person

Telecommuting is bad for the boss, study says

Business professor Cody Reeves researched how telecommuting impacts workplace leadership. 

He found that the only situation where telecommuting is good for the boss is one where the whole team telecommutes.  Read more about the study

thousands of students make a shape of the Y in the stadium

Here are the new Cougars

This tradition never gets old. 

Students from the 50 states and dozens of countries start their college career by forming a giant Y. 

Watch the time lapse video