• musician in the chamber

    What sound looks like

    The musicians played in an echoless room with lasers helping them hold the instruments perfectly in place. 

    The physicists used an array of 37 microphones to make 3D sound maps for 11 different instruments. Learn more.

Rory Scanlon

Depictions of ancient clothing typically inaccurate, says BYU researcher

Professor Rory Scanlon has spent more than 15 years pouring through archeological and anthropological records to discover what people dressed like during Bible and Book of Mormon times. He and more than 21 research assistants have compiled nearly 1,000 works into two easy-to-use clothing guides. Keep reading.

What is BYU?

The producers of Jeopardy recently drew from the BYU mission statement for the Final Jeopardy clue. 

Whether or not you've got plans to compete on the show, take a look at the complete Mission & Aims of Brigham Young University.