• Harvey Fletcher in the lab

    A belated Grammy

    Harvey Fletcher put the Y on Y Mountain in 1906 and changed the world when he recorded and transmitted stereo sound in the 1930s. 

    On Monday, he'll posthumously win a Grammy Award.

Tibetan monks praying

Looking back at an Indian summer

Seven students studied last summer in one of the most unusual places on earth: the Dharamshala province in northern India. 

Learn about their work among Tibetan refugees and see a gallery of images from their travels.

A man using a leg exercise machine in a research lab

Your immune system goes to the gym, too

You know the feeling of sore muscles after your first time at the gym in a while.

But did you know your immune system kicks in to make the second trip better?

Read what a BYU exercise science team discovered about the "repeated bout effect."