• Graduates walk through a tunnel into the Marriott Center

    Bang for your buck

    Financially, in the long run, does it matter where you choose to go to college? The Wall Street Journal turned to BYU economics professors for the answer.

    Their comprehensive study provides some important considerations.

Tibetan monks praying

Looking back at an Indian summer

Seven students studied last summer in one of the most unusual places on earth: the Dharamshala province in northern India. 

Learn about their work among Tibetan refugees and see a gallery of images from their travels.

A man using a leg exercise machine in a research lab

Your immune system goes to the gym, too

You know the feeling of sore muscles after your first time at the gym in a while.

But did you know your immune system kicks in to make the second trip better?

Read what a BYU exercise science team discovered about the "repeated bout effect."