• Touring show lands here

    For the first time, BYU Theatre Ballet dancers will present their popular 90-minute touring show on campus Thursday through Saturday. Watch them perform for a photo shoot with Jaren Wilkey.

  • Dust


    A team of BYU students is about to knock every adult on the planet unconscious (in the name of science, of course) and it’s up to the world’s teenagers to save them. Watch a trailer for this new alternate reality game.


OFF THE MAP: BYU International Arts Festival here Feb. 5-7

Producer Jeffrey Martin is bringing three performances from around the world to BYU in hopes that they will broaden audiences' views of what performance is and what effects it can have on people. More information about the three shows.


Why didn't we think of that?

Because of a federal rule, kids throw away millions of dollars of fruits and vegetables every single day at school. But a new study shows a simple, no-cost trick can dramatically increase their consumption of healthy foods. See what role recess plays.