• Hey good lookin'

    Some of the most celebrated leaders in the business world also happen to be self-promoting narcissists. A new study from the Marriott School of Management indicates that's not so bad, as long as they show a little humility sometimes. Read about it.


Fewer questions, more details: student surveys get a facelift

A new survey has been written for students with only 11 questions (there were 23 before) asking your opinion on the effectiveness of the instructor, how the course and the instructor helped you achieve the Aims of a BYU Education and how much time you spent out of class. Read more.


BYU production of 'Our Town' gathers 13 national awards

The Kennedy Center’s awards are among the most prestigious in the nation to be presented for a university production. In the case of Our Town, the number of national recognitions of this kind garnered for a single production is unprecedented at BYU. Learn more.