• Students examine existing styles

    No more goofy helmets

    A group of BYU industrial designers is on a mission to add a bit of style and beauty to the functionality of bike helmets. See what they've come up with so far.

  • Repeating history

    Sam Dittmer and his fellow mathletes have made BYU history for the second year in a row with a top 10 ranking among universities in the U.S. and Canada. Check out the "easiest problem" from the competition. 

  • Spring tunes

    With spring's arrival, students in the School of Music love a chance to take their instruments outside to practice. The rest of campus loves to hear melodies from bassoons, cellos, flutes and . . . grand pianos?

Students on campus

Study shows eating disorders among BYU women lower than national average

Academically accomplished, religious Caucasian women are at high risk for developing eating disorders, scholars say, but one BYU professor has found the risk is significantly lower for women studying at BYU. Read about the study by Lane Fischer and co-authors.


Head injuries and social lives

Grad student Ashley Levan and her faculty mentor found that children who suffer traumatic head injuries don't have strong social lives. Read one idea they think might help.