• students walk across campus in the morning

    Become different, better people

    Welcome back to school!

    Enjoy this new video hosted by Stacey Harkey that shows what it means to be a BYU student. 

  • Fighting back

    During his mission, Jacob Hatch received the news that his father's leg had to be amputated due to a dangerous infection.

    Now Jacob is a molecular biology major and a co-author on a medical paper showing a new way to fight MRSA. Read this family's story

360 degrees at BYU

A new thing on YouTube is something called a "360 degree video" which lets you look in any direction - not just where the camera is pointing. 

Just tap on the screen and drag to look around in this video from OneStop of the first day of school.

Women's soccer in the top 10

What a start for the women's soccer team! Through three games, they've beat Cal, Colorado and Nebraska each by a score of 2-0.

Next up is the University of Utah in Provo on Friday. Go Cougars!