Living Legends

7:30 PM
Saturday, 22 Feb, 2014

de Jong Concert Hall - View Map

In a performance of extravagant dancing, culturally-inspired music and intricate costumes, Brigham Young University’s Living Legends celebrates the Latin American, Native American, and Polynesian cultures inSeasons. Each year, hundreds of BYU students audition for the opportunity to pay tribute to their ancestors through music and dancing. The audition process is competitive—accepting only the best singers and dancers—but all Living Legends members are of Native American, Latin American, or Polynesian heritage.

Spectacular choreography, colorful costumes, and heart-pounding music bring to life the skill, beauty and authenticity of these traditional cultures. From the graceful Hawaiian hula and Mexican fiesta dances to the excitement and beauty of a Native American pow wow, this year’s Living Legends performance reflects the cycle of civilizations through the portrayal of changing seasons and weaves together legends of the past with the reality of today.