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Campus IP Television

Note: You cannot view the TV streams from your current network connection

The television streams cannot be viewed from the following network locations

Installing the VLC plugin (required for viewing)

To view video, you must first have installed the VLC plugin (, version 0.8.6a or later. Use the following links to download the correct plugin. The Windows version, made available from this page, has had the DVD playback and navigation functions removed.

Windows (Firefox and IE) Macintosh (Firefox and Safari) Linux (Firefox)
2000 and XP* Intel or PPC Various Distributions
*The windows installer should also work in Windows 95/98/ME and Vista. However it is not fully supported.

Connection Limitations

IP Television is not available through all campus network connections. Allowed connections include computers in BYU managed public labs, Podium Computers in TEC Rooms and most office computers. It is not available through off-campus connections, public access connections (wired or wireless), or campus housing connections. Also, the local firewall must allow incoming connections to the VLC plugin or the web browser in use. Note that some VPN programs may block incoming connections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find the answers to many common questions about using our Campus IP Television player on the FAQ page located here.